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Private Shore Excursions

We provide private shore excursions at all Scottish Ports excluding Orkney. We can organise a special itinerary to suit your needs and wishes. Please fill out the form below and we will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

*Special Offer*

Book more than 2 private tours and receive a 15% discount.

Why Choose This Tour:

You can enjoy your own itinerary with the help of a learned guide who can ensure you have a trip that you will never forget. We can assist you in what you can do within a timescale and have a wealth of activities that can suit all ages and interests. The tour is inclusive of guided transport, snacks, water and a complimentary dram of whisky.

Private Tour Request Form

If you want to request a private tour please fill in the form below

Please tick the ports that you would like to visit. Please note that you will receive a 15% discount if two or more ports are selected

If there are any dietary or mobility requirements please full in the next piecce of the form


Important Information


On all our tours we include your guided tour, bottled water, snacks and a complimentary dram of Scotch / children's activity pack.


We not not include meals or entrance however we can assist in a cost effective solution for your entrance for your whole trip. If you are visiting more than one port, please let us know as you may qualify for an Explorer Pass or Scottish Heritage Pass which will save you a lot of money on admission during your stay.



We offer a multilingual service. See the languages we offer below and if you book please put in your requested language in the special requirements field on the booking form.

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian


Fun Facts:

  • Currency in Scotland: British Pound (£)
  • Weather: We have quite a wet and mild climate so it is always advisable to bring a rain jacket or umbrella. Suitable footwear is also advisable, nobody wants wet socks :-)
  • Temperature: Average summer temperature is 19°C / 66.2 F
  • Gratutities: It is not complusary to tip in Scotland, however if you feel that the service was deserving, the going rate is 10%. This is not set in stone either but it can assist you in what you wish to contribute.